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Fatal Inertia EX Hands-on Preview

Fatal Inertia, once a Playstation 3 exclusive title, was in danger of never seeing the light of day on Sony’s high definition console. Thanks to the Playstation Network and its options for downloadable games, it received a second chance. Is this racing game worth all the developmental trouble? Find out in this hands-on preview of Fatal Inertia EX for the Playstation 3.
Fatal Inertia EX looks pretty bland, especially when compared to Wipeout HD. Like other Unreal Engine 3 game, the game’s graphics is a little rough around the edges as well. The frame rate is also a little rocky but it doesn’t really hamper the overall experience.

At the other end of the spectrum, the music in Fatal Inertia EX is really good. The techno music is easy to listen to and very relaxing.

Similar to F-Zero and Wipeout, Fatal Inertia EX is a super speedy futuristic racer with hover ships.

The objective of the game is to go through each check points in sequence (light beams will show you the next gate) before completing a lap. Unfortunately, Fatal Inertia EX is marred by uninspired track design. While the game has more than 50 different courses, most of are located in the same environments, meaning they look identical. In addition, each track in the same environment doesn’t really feel all that different from each other.

Fatal Inertia EX redeems itself with some cool power-ups. Weapons can be acquired by hovering through the weapon pads scattering across the racing track. Most weapons have two functions, usually one for use in front of your vehicle and another in the back. For example, you can either shoot a rocket at the opponent in front of you or boost your speed by riding it. While they may not be as great as the ones found in Mario Kart, the power-ups in Fatal Inertia EX add a lot of spice to the gameplay.

In addition to the abundant tracks, Fatal Inertia EX has plenty of modes. Single player will give you career modes with different difficulty settings; plus, you can start a quick race with many options and scenarios to choose from. For multiplayer, you can play two-player split-screen offline (including a career mode) and 8-player races for online and LAN.

Although a mediocre racer, Fatal Inertia EX has plenty of options and modes that many gamers who enjoyed the game will come back for more.

The game controls in the following ways:
Left Analog: steer vehicle; tilt up and down to change the pitch
L1: use weapon ability behind your back
L2 and R2: strafe; cut through tight corners; double tap either button to do a barrel roll
R1: use weapon ability in front of you
Circle: look behind
Square: brake/reverse
Triangle: return to course in case you wander off it
X: accelerate
Select: change camera perspective

To do a Charge-Boost, hold the Square and X buttons simultaneously, wait until the meter is filled up as much as possible, and then let go of the Square button. Can be done at the start of the race

Final Product
The final product for Fatal Inertia EX also includes a garage mode for ship customizations and a list of achievements a la the one found in the Xbox 360 version. Playstation 3 gamers also get new tracks, improved graphics, refined gameplay and Sixaxis motion controls.

While the Xbox 360 version received mixed reviews, Fatal Inertia EX for the Playstation 3 fixes many of its problems. At a budget price of $29.99, the game is worth a try. Expect the game to be released, as a downloadable game, in the Playstation Store sometime in June.

Reaching the Highest Level in Hay Day

Hay Day is an exceptional mobile game that has earned serious reputation worldwide. Both Apple iTunes and Google store have rated the game with 4.5 stars and we can certainly say, the game is yet another fine creation of SuperCell. We all are occupied with tall buildings and pollution and here comes the game in the form of HAY DAY that will take us close to village life. In the game, you need to manage your uncle farm and develop skills in order to earn more coins and diamonds. Coins and diamonds are the two most important currencies of the game that you require to speed up different tasks. Yes, the offered gameplay is pretty simple but still there are many hidden aspects that you need to tackle. First of all, you are required to work on your gaming strategies that will help in gaining more virtual currencies. You can look to apply tips and tricks or opt for in-app purchase. Both the options are pretty safe but the first one consumes plenty of time whereas in-app purchase demands real money. There is way to generate currencies in huge number and that too without spending any money in the form of HAY DAY hack.

The online generator has become extensively popular in last few years as it will not only get you desired number of in-game currencies but will also make sure your gaming account doesn’t get banned.  Yes, you are still required to be smart enough to properly use the hack tool. Excessive application of Hay Day hack is completely prohibited. When you apply the tool many times a day, it will only get your gaming account banned. As a gamer, you must use the tool once in a day and get the number of coins and hay day free diamonds that you require to complete different tasks.

How To Avoid Wrong tools?

When we deal with hack tools for popular games like HAY DAY, there are plenty of options of available. Selection of quality HAY DAY hack is a daunting task especially when you don’t check out reviews. At your own level, you need to make sure the selected tools has most advanced features like anti-ban, complete compatibility and lot more. Ideally, you can avoid the tool that demands downloading and installation. Online generators are mostly safe to use and in order to use them you need to complete a small survey and follow the instructions carefully.

There is still a lot to talk about HAY DAY hack and interested guys must check out quality online guides. Never ever try to use the tool that requires you to share private details like password. Play the HAY DAY game safely and try to apply a tool that is not only safe but highly effective. A good tool at your disposal will certainly make it possible to unlock higher levels of the game and that too without investing much time, money and effort.

Tips for Reviewing Video Games

I think anybody with enough basic knowledge of grammar and spelling can make great reviews for games. I don’t expect user reviews to compete with the likes of those written by professional journalists or anything (tho sometimes user reviews are actually much, much better made), but since these regular gamers aren’t confined to a magazine corporation’s guidelines and whatnot, their content can sometimes just be really relatable and/or entertaining even though their only qualification is that they played the game that they’re “reviewing.”
So for those wanting to get in this conversation about games, I’ve thought up of a few tips. I hope it’s not condescending or anything of the sort to any of you since I am not all at saying that I’m an awesome reviewer. I may not actually be qualified to write something like this but these are guidelines I personally write by so I just wanted to share these with you.

(Oh, and keep in mind that this is pertaining to user reviews, as I would have no qualifications to give tips to professional reviewers nor would it be helpful since those journalists write under company guidelines anyway)

Experiment a lot with the game
For a review to be really credible, it has to demonstrate knowledge of the game in question. Thus, beating the game (or playing the hell out of it) is a given, but more than simply playing, what makes the review even more powerful is if it can reveal factoids and secrets that many average gamers would have missed because they were simply enjoying the game and not diving fully into what the game is in its entirety. There is definitely a danger of giving away spoilers when you try too hard to prove that you beat the game, but well-written hints and some inside jokes will definitely make your review more understandable. After all, a reviewer just doesn’t play the game; he/she also analyzes all aspects of it.

Find a style that fits you
Not everyone reviews the same way. Some prefer to be mathematical and scientific in their approach and thus will review the game based on its separate parts (e.g. story, graphics, gameplay) and end it with a conclusion, usually ending the review with a score. Some others find this method too alienating as they like being more creative in their reviews, explaining how some story elements made certain gameplay sections much more fun (or vice versa) and being more personal and opinionated with the game. Some reviewers are really great at writing long, in-depth, formulaic reviews and some make the best concise summaries. Some are great with humor while others prefer to be more serious and informative. That’s why there are so many different kinds of reviews. You just have to find a style that suits you best and stick to it, making it your own. After all, there really isn’t a wrong style to make a review, well, as long as they don’t do the things listed below.

Try NOT to do the following things
-justifying why you scored or rated the game in such and such way. (Example: “I give the graphics a 6 because of the unsteady frame rate. The environments are nice and I really like the animations but the lag makes it unplayable. I would have given it a 7 or maybe an 8 without the lag.”)
-comparing it to other similar games to either bash or praise the game (Ex: “The city just doesn’t feel as alive as Grand Theft Auto IV. This game just sucks in comparison.”)
-talking about how other reviewers judged the game. (“I know IGN and Gametrailers gave this game a 9 but I think they’re stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about. This game is garbage.”)
-using fancy words that you don’t know the meaning to just for the sake of sounding intelligent. Trust me; I can figure out that you do not know the meaning of the word if you use it wrongly. (Ex: “The voice acting in this game is just tortuously bad. Irregardless of expenditure problems, it still shouldn’t be this bad.”)
-making a wishlist of how the game should have been. I guess for people who score or rate games, they can definitely bring up how a game didn’t have certain desired features and whatnot, but I still feel it’s a bit out of place to review a game for what it isn’t than for what it actually is. (Ex: “The game’s graphics are praise-worthy but it doesn’t feature colors that aren’t brown or grey. It could definitely have used much more vibrant colors for its settings, especially the urban city level. What makes the dreary colors even more unbearable is the fact that this game is totally devoid of any adventure or thought-provoking sections, since it is only concerned with gunplay and nothing else. There was just so much potential with this graphics engine and gunplay mechanics but the end result is just too disappointing.”) This isn’t that bad of a thing to do, but I do think it’s just much better to write it like this: “Keep in mind that this is a game focused on action, which constantly tries to remind you that you’re in the battlefield. The game’s obsession with the color grey and brown may prove to be a bit too much for certain gamers wanting something more meaningful out of it, but it serves to prove a message that war is indeed brutal. Still, I personally didn’t think that message had to be told this blatantly so it did put me off at times.”
-placing way too much emphasis on one aspect of the game. Common tendency for many reviewers is to almost completely judge a game based on its graphics or its story and that just seems unfair. A game is more than a sum of its parts; it’s an interactive experience that throws everything at you at once.
-getting off topic to rant about something else. A little unique tidbits of cool information here and there like game’s development history or perhaps what it means to the console is on is okay, but don’t overdo it. You want to talk mostly about the game, not about other things. (Ex: “In fact, the prequel to the game hit a sort of a cult classic status for the system’s biggest fans. If it wasn’t for the prequel, the series just wouldn’t be as popular as it is today since it brought so many new things to the table. One such feature was….”)

(NOTE: The examples are blurbs that I have personally made up by myself. They are not quotes from a user review so rest assured that I am not picking on any one’s user review.)

If possible, put in your own unique perspective This is often a hard tip to follow but there are definitely opportunities when your opinions on a game are so unique that it really makes the review stand out great to read. I’ll give some personal examples of mine to explain what I mean. In my review of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, I described the game as being a slot machine, since luck was such an important factor in the gameplay. I explained the gameplay mechanics by asking the question, “How can you win this lottery?” Even when I talked about which version of Puzzle Quest would be best suited for which gamer, I likened the choice to deciding on which slot machine to gamble on. Perhaps it was a bit too much to have a casino theme for the game but such analogy I believe made my review of the game not only more easily understandable but also kind of put my signature mark on it. Not many people would say that playing Puzzle Quest is like going to Las Vegas. I’m not the only person that tries to do this as much as possible since this aspect is what makes guys like Angry Video Game Nerd and Yahtzee so popular. A review’s ultimate purpose is to inform others about what kind of game it is and where the game succeeds or fails, but still, it’s just so much more interesting to read/watch when enough amount of creativity is poured into it.

That’s pretty much all the advice I have for reviewing games. Like I said from the beginning, I’m probably not qualified to write something like this, but I still thought this blog could be helpful to a good number of people. It’s also a guideline that I try really hard to work under so I felt that you guys should review it and see if anything is wrong with my tips.

The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King Cheats After You Complete the Game for Xbox

Welcome to the last part of this guide in which I have been teaching you all of these cheat codes for the lord of the rings the return of the king for the xbox. In this last part I’m going to share with you cheats that only be activated after you have completed the game so if your ready to apply these cheats lets proceed. The first cheat code I’m going to share with everyone is the perfect mode cheat. All you have to do in order to activate this cheat is to pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press b,down,y,x and now your game will enable the perfect world cheat. The next code allows you to have all the attack upgrades so if your interested in this cheat try it out. To enable this code simply pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press up,down,y,x and now all the attack upgrades will be yours.

If you want to become invincible then check out this invincible cheat code. Just pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press x,b,x,up and now you will be able to do whatever you want without taking damage or worrying about dieing. Are you in need of heath well the full health cheat is exactly what you need. To enable the full health cheat all you need to do is pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press x,x,b,b and your on your way to a fast recovery. Tried of running out of missiles well not anymore when you enable the unlimited missile weapon cheat. Just pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press x,x,down,b and now you will have infinite missiles.

Another cheat I have is the one known as the always devastating cheat code. To activate this cheat simply pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press y,up,y,down and now this code is enabled. Finally the last cheat I have to offer to this game is called target indicator. To activate this cheat code that will help you find your targets faster by indicating there position on screen pause the game then press l and r trigger buttons and press down,b,up,x and that’s it your finished. Thats the end of this entire guide I hope everyone enjoyed it and can incorporate all of these cheat codes into there game.

Simcity Buildit – Best online hack working tool

Simcity Buildit is an awesome game to play online for free. In order to progress fast on this game, the player should collect the sufficient number of resources to play the game more efficiently. If you don’t want to spend your real money, the Simcity Buildit hack is a great option to generate unlimited stuffs as fast as possible. This hack is specially designed for the players and allows them to get freemium resources as they want. Today, most of the online games need to spend real money in order to progress further, but this Simcity Buildit does not require anything to download extra.

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Upgraded Bot for Clash of Clans – Version for 2017

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Why gems are so important in CoC?

The main strategy of clash of clan is building a village with the use of gems. Some of the most exciting features of this game are money and gems. You can get these clash of clans free gems by using the clash of clans hack and buy other things for your village like shields to keep your clan safe and heal your game heroes for increasing the speed of generating resources. In case, the village is under attack, you can simply make use of valuable gems immediately and well trained your army to win it. With these gems, you can also upgrade your troops within a short period of time.

Why choose to use clash of clan?

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